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When I talk to PR people about social media, the one thing that rarely comes up is Search Engine Optimization.  Now I agree that search engines are very Web 1.0, but they’re still the number one pathway around the Internet.  If you’re managing online reputation you better understand search engines.  Lee Odden offers some thoughts on the subject.


Following Jason Calacanis’ post that you don’t need a PR firm (sigh)… Dave Fleet offers an interesting retort and points out what you should all know. Public Relations is about a hell of a lot more than media relations!


US journalist Rafe Needleman is now offering tips/guidelines/pet hates for PR people to consider prior to a pitch.


Newsgator is hosting a free recorded webinar with Shel Holtz on the topic of how you ensure your audiences are getting the right message.  It’s being published on August 28th and it will cover how social media is changing corporate communications and real world examples of companies using social media. You can sign up here.


Twitter certainly hasn’t hit the "trough of disillusionment" (yet).  Chris Brogan offers 50 ideas for using Twitter for business. [Hat tip: Neville]

2 thoughts on “PR & SEO, pitching tips, social media, and Twitter

  1. Hi Tom,
    I’m not a PR person, but a media strategy person by education & experience. It seems like over the years everything has grown exponentially – the population, consumerism, workloads, expectations, competing messages, lawsuits, malpractice & fraud, tech options, etc. and all of that is making many people niche experts and mass participants.
    Each of us is unique professionally even though we are all a part of the same much larger industry of marketing. And every business/charity has different needs, so maybe there’s a place for all of us, a match of serendipity

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