Dead Poll: usual muppets shorten odds on PR (again)

I feel a rant bubbling under the surface, but I don’t currently have time or energy to give it the wrath it deserves, so I’ll desist for the moment.

If you read PR blogs, you’ll know that there’s another (yes another) little firestorm brewing on the subject of "the death of Public Relations" – well I say public relations but given many of the "knowledgeable" muppets writing these death posts don’t really have a grasp of what "Public Relations" is, what we’re really talking about is media relations.

While I go and implement my proven deep breathing heart attack avoidance exercises, I’m providing a list of some of the content (both pro- and anti- ).


Bonus links (not death related)

4 thoughts on “Dead Poll: usual muppets shorten odds on PR (again)

  1. Having been a senior practitioner for many years and now an academic, still with strong industry ties, it still amazes me that bloggers think media relations is the primary means by which public relations people get their messages across. Media relations only makes up a minor percentage of practice because professionals are using social media, and other methods to develop closer relationships with clients and trying to avoid having to deal with the media. Especially those who think by writing a blog they have become a “journalist”. That is still a task that requires training, mentoring,experience and ability.

  2. Donald,

    I couldn’t agree more!

    We often overlook process, experience and expertise in the rush to put everything “online”.

    If PR people don’t start providing broader context around the reality of what Public Relations is, then we’re in trouble.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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