PR Miscellany – October 24, 2005

  • Man I am getting older. When I read Stephen Davies’ question about what PR was like before the Internet arrived I realize I am getting long in the tooth. I was there in the stone ages. Discussing PR before the Internet deserves a post in its own right. All I’ll say right now is that we were still busy, but busy on different things. And don’t get me started on research before the Internet….
  • Here’s one I missed, PR Week have published a celebration of twenty one years of publication (in the UK). It’s a free download. While we’re at it, they also had a recent in-depth feature on RSS. Thanks to Richard Bailey for the directions.
  • Amanda Barry at Behind the Spin examines the three factors you need to succeed in PR: Attitude, Persistence and Enthusiasm.

  • Richard Bailey makes the case for the preservation of the news release – hurrah! Stuart Bruce has more..
  • KD Paine ponders the subject of blog measurement.
  • Duncan Chapple provides some good old fashioned common sense on what to do “When analysts attack”.
  • Amy Gahan has released the audio from a PRSA talk she gave on the subject of The Future of Technology: What PR Pros need to know.
  • The ultimate in vanity posting. My blog is currently worth over $95,000, I’m happy to open the bidding at $80,0000. Thanks to Alice Marshall..