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PR Miscellany – October 14, 2005

  • Mason Cole points to two very interesting articles. One is written by Shel Israel on what PR must do and the second is from Steve Rubel on what PR needs to do online.
  • Matthew Podboy shares some knowledge and tips on the press tour.

  • The Edelman/Technorati blogging survey has generated (as expected) LOADS of comment – too much to track here. As always we can rely on Constantin Basturea to keep us up-to-date. Constantin also has some in-depth and thoughtful analysis on blog surveys…

  • Tim Dyson bemoans the bait-and-switch that often takes place in PR new business pitches. The lesson here is that you should always demand that the proposed account team does the talking greeting and meeting.

  • Fair play to PR Week who have launched a new monthly column by the ever excellent Dan Gillmor. The first missive talks about the growing importance of conversation over control. Amen.

  • Elizabeth Reid over at Voce gives a first person account on her first year in PR.

  • While Blake Barbera shares some tips on coping with your first media pitch.

  • Andy Lark aggregates some useful PR advice.

  • Robb Hecht points to a very interesting post over at ZDNet written by Dana Gardner (ex-Infoworld, Aberdeen and Yankee Group) on how PR people are finally figuring out blogs.

  • Deborah Branscum writes about the recent H&M snafu over paying for journalists to attend a media event in New York.

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October 14, 2005 at 7:21 am

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