They giveth and they taketh away…

Now kind reader you may be a little surprised by the following disclosure, but it’s true, honest. There are some PR people out there who think this little piece of the Internet is worth pitching. Well, not the site obviously, but you, the kind, under-served reader of PR-related topics.

I get a variety of pitches, some very very good and some downright awful. But even if authors don’t admit it, vanity often means you are flattered by the attention of the PR pitch. At least your writing matters to someone you tell yourself as you eagerly read the press release about online gambling….

My policy is straightforward, if you have news that’s relevant to PR or marketing people directly or indirectly and you are interested in reaching the handful of insomniacs who sometimes wander by, then by all means give me a shout. I’ve often written pitched items here – though it’s currently running at about 95/05 in favour of rejected pitches. I’m a long-time blogger but even I find it difficult to work the wonders of a new online casino into a PR blog.

So, as I was saying, there’s something flattering about getting pitched, flattering that is until you find out what you’re worth. How much will it take to purchase a mention on PR Opinions? Well according to my most recent pitch I’m worth $23.95. Not a lot is it? Very depressing if you ask me. Seemingly if I mention a particular book I’ll get the book free. Fantastic. Not only that but they gave me loads of fantastic promotional ideas for promoting (the free book I got for selling my soul) it on my website… competitions etc. etc.

If there was any danger of me losing the run of myself that put an end to it. So keep the pitches coming, but it’s going to take more than $23.95 to slip in a sneaky mention.

I have accepted books for review in the past (at no cost) but that is on the understanding that I’ll provide an honest review and that I’ll reference the fact that the book was provided free of charge…. honestly! I doubt I’ll get Mr. Clifford’s next work for review either.