Some advice to PR agencies

Over the weekend two e-mails arrived in my inbox from two different PR agencies. Each had a different purpose. The first one was a new business pitch and the second was a pitch for the blog.

For those involved in new business development for PR agencies here is some advice you can ignore or use. First and foremost a two page rambling e-mail is probably not the best means of piquing interest, second of all, attaching a 9 MB, PDF sales brochure, particularly when I’m collecting e-mail on a remote phone line, doesn’t endear you to the prospect. Use a hyperlink.

For those pitching blogs, the last time I looked, I dealt with general PR issues. That means that items of interest would include anything PR news, in fact anything PR related, tools for PR people (specific to PR as well as general software/hardware/online/whatever tools that might be applicable), marketing related issues – I think you get the idea. One subject that probably wouldn’t come in under that wide umbrella would be Branding Bank ATMs. Even if you tell me that it would be of interest to my audience. It probably isn’t. Certainly not to me.