PR Social Networking…

With relatively little fanfare and no spam we now have fifteen members of the social network.

We are a unique social network:

1) We have no idea why we’ve joined (or even started it)

2) We have done no networking other than the (very) odd post and signing up

3) We have no idea what to do with it.

If you’re interested in experiencing such an idyllic online social network, with the added bonus of no pressure to perform like a seal or show you are cool in the real or online world, come and join.

6 thoughts on “PR Social Networking…

  1. Hi Tom,

    Honestly I’m not copying (although I am a fan and follower) but I set up a Ning account a few weeks ago which is quite similar to yours. Well, similar in the sense that an element of it involves PR but it’s not specifically online PR… Or PR in general for that matter.

    Just thought I’d mention it in case I’m tagged as a plagiarizer/cribber.


  2. This post had me chuckling.

    I’ve just joined – I look forward to lounging around.

    Perhaps you could position this as the Bahamas of social networking? PR types around the globe, sunbaking and knocking back cocktails in the relaxing world of Ning?

  3. Stephen: It appears it is I who am following you. But then I believe I am to be categorized as a “Digital Immigrant” – so it’s to be expected. I also imagine that you are far more active on your ning network, than my slovenly attempt – post the link!

    Paull: I like it!


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