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Technology: Plus ca change, plus c�est la meme chose

John Markoff has been around for quite some time writing about technology in the trades and then moving on to newpapers and for the past ten years the New York Times.

The Online Journalism Review has an intriguing interview with Markoff asking his views on new technology and how it will affect journalism.

His pragmatism is refreshing, though I note he’s already had some negative feedback from some notable bloggers.

He represents the alternate end of the spectrum from these people and I think we’ll find he’s right about many things.

Technology follows well worn paths of adoption and even though changes happen faster and more frequently these days, they still don’t happen as soon as everyone thinks.

If that were the case IBM wouldn’t still be making a lot of money selling mainframes.  And they do.

Written by Tom Murphy

October 17, 2003 at 10:18 am

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