The only worse thing than being spammed…

Now I have a very cute eight month old daughter and sometimes (thankfully rarely) when she’s tired, she gets cranky and has been known to throw her rattle/bottle/toy out of her high chair/car seat/pram. But you see she’s eight months old.  She is frustrated she can’t communicate. So, what’s the story with all these adults […]

PR: Transparency Behind the Scenes

In this era of camera phones, small video recorders (and in this case a TV camera), we’re seeing more and more “exposés” of PR handlers before and after media interviews. As I’ve said before, in my experience this video isn’t a typical media engagement and perhaps videos such as this will change the engagement model.  […]

Some PR on a Friday…

Trevor Cook has a very interesting post titled "The revolution may not be blogged" which ponders whether the "new media revolution" has stalled somewhat. Moreover, when they do blog organisations, like Telstra, often find it extraordinarily difficult to see their social media efforts as anything more than just another way to get out messages and […]

Sorry, tell me again, why does PR have a poor image?

Now gentle reader(s), this blog has, since 2002, been strictly operated under the auspices of the “greenhouse code”. You won’t (or very rarely and probably due to me being in a grumpy mood) find knee jerk reactions to the silliness one finds around our profession, but today I happened upon two items that perfectly illustrate […]