Public Relations Blog: 5 Years On…

A significant personal blogging milestone has just passed.  I am now officially blogging for five years.

If I had known then, that I’d still be at it five years on, I think I would have tried to make my first post a little more insightful, humorous and clever. Good lesson for life there.

It’s interesting to look back over the intervening five years from a personal, PR and online perspective. 

A lot has changed and a lot hasn’t.

I note that between the ages of five and six a child should be able:


To learn to distinguish between reality and fantasy.


I think that’s a fine developmental goal for a PR blogger also.

I invested a massive amount of personal time in blogging for the first few years, then due to growing work and family commitments throttled back. I think I’ve now found a happy medium. I post enough to keep my hand in, but not enough to become a D-list blogger.

It’s a nice place. I haven’t even checked my visitor number in a year. Now that’s maturity (or laziness).

Some observations:

  • Blogging did take off after all – and there’s still a lot of potential
  • Other tools have taken much longer – we’re still waiting on RSS
  • There are now over 600 PR bloggers! When I started there were three [Richard, Phil and Jim]
  • There’s far more exciting things happening online today – from a tool perspective – than there was five years ago
  • We’re on a long journey and we’ve barely started

Here’s to another five years….

6 thoughts on “Public Relations Blog: 5 Years On…

  1. Judging from what I read here, I haven’t even reached the age of five. But then again: ignorance is bliss, and fantasy is double so. :-) Anyway: many congrats on the anniversary! Looking forward to reading more in the years to come…

  2. He Tom, that first post was actually excellent. Concise and to the point. Not a waffle like many other first posts i’v read

    Well done Tom. Good first post

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