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March 4th, 2007 · 5 Comments · Public Relations

Last year I had a lot of fun participating in a series of events branded “Delivering the New PR” which where organized by Philip Young, the University of Sunderland with the wonderful folks at Don’t Panic. The events, which included  new mum Elizabeth Albrycht, Neville Hobson, Philip and Stuart Bruce were incredibly enjoyable.

We’ve decided to take the content up a level for a new series of talks entitled: “Delivering the New PR 2.0”.  Following on from my post last Friday, I think Philip’s a little worried that I’m no longer willing to speak at these events :-) .

But then given I don’t like the term “New PR” either I don’t think the title will be an issue….



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  • Philip

    Tom, I will provide the hat when we are in Newcastle on March 27.

    Or, maybe I won’t.

    The five Delivering the New PR events we have run so far – with you as a star turn – have done a great deal to bring new ideas to practitioners. All our speakers are aware that social media is changing the way we do PR, but no-one is arguing that it is replacing an ‘old’ PR.

    That said, I would be very interested to hear suggestions
    for ways of summing up this change – one you have been blogging about for maybe five years! – in a more appropriate single word than ‘new’…. It beat me, so New PR it is!

    The 2.0 bit lets people know that the content is quite different from previous conferences – it has nothing to do with notions of a PR 2.0!

    To quote someone not so far from here

    “Let’s have some really interesting discussion on how the combination of existing tools and techniques with blogs, podcasts etc. are helping PR people do a better job.

    “Let’s talk about the online stuff that is having an impact on PR today and most people ignore because it’s not shiny, exciting or glamorous.

    “Let’s extend the online discussion into all areas of Public Relations from internal communications to more vertical markets, investor relations, analyst relations, public affairs.

    “Let’s talk about what matters – the best way to communicate ideas and information.”

    We will, Tom, we will!

  • Tom Murphy

    I couldn’t have put it better myself Philip :-)


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