Social Media Round-Up

There is an incredible volume of writing, research and opinions on social media. It’s growing every day.

Below I’m posting for your delectation some links to posts I’ve been reading recently.  As always, I don’t present these posts as the one version of the truth.  The reality is that no one has all the answers, however I do believe it’s advisable for all of us to keep reading on the topic  – as long as you remember to keep your analytical facilities working.

Valeria Maltoni does a great job explaining why a company’s commitment to social media isn’t just about giving your marketing executive a commitment to start a Twitter account: You Cannot do Social Without the Support of the Organization.

Without question, some of the best insight and advice on social media comes from understanding how other companies are using social media, their successes and often more insightful their challenges.

Lisa Braziel: 26 Social Media Marketing Examples in Detail

Heather Oldani: McDonald’s Social Media Strategy

One of the topics that’s appearing more often these days is how do we measure the success of social media. There isn’t an easy answer, but there are many approaches, here are some recent posts on the matter.  Again I’d recommend using these to get your grey matter firing on how you would measure your success.

David Berkowitz: 100 Ways to Measure Social Media

Paul Chaney: Is Social Media Marketing a Waste of Time?

Chris Lake: 35 social media KPIs to help measure engagement

Last but not least… Mark Glaser talks to Cheryl Contee, Jeff Pester, Laura Pexton, Brian Solis, and Caleb Zigas on the basics of social media marketing.

3 thoughts on “Social Media Round-Up

  1. Thank you especially for the case studies links! For ROI, you may check out also the work that Olivier Blanchard has done at The Brand Builder blog.

    Keep up the good work, Tom.

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