The guilt of social media..

My (relatively) recent resolution to maintain my social media consumption and production, has waned in the past couple of weeks.  The usual excuses; lots to do; busy at work; busy at home…

I spent the weekend with family and friends only wasting fleeting moments checking work e-mail to make sure all was well with the world. 

And it was.

Until Sunday evening.

Checking my personal e-mail, I was alarmed to find loads and loads and loads of new poor unfortunates following me on Twitter.

That’s when the guilt kicked in.

I haven’t blogged in weeks and my consumption of blogs, RSS, Twitter and Facebook has been tardy lately.

Now I feel pressure to get back on top of it.

Of course, unlike a diet, which is happy to fade into the background, social media is more aggressive in reminding you of your inertia.

So like all good addicts, I will once again clamber onto the social media bicycle and start peddling.

I guess this is Guilt 2.0.

Editor’s note:

Sorry I meant to add that the source of all these new followers (hello!) is a post by Valeria Maltoni on 100 PR People Worth Following on Twitter. As someone who made the very first iteration of the Power 150 and is now struggling to make the “Less Powerful 500” I am of course delighted with my inclusion, though mindful of the fact that I won’t make the next update…

5 thoughts on “The guilt of social media..

  1. Tom, there’s something worse than a moment of silence – which is making remarks that are beside the point. I enjoy reading your blog, and if you would have a great thought or observation only once a year, I still wouldn’t like to miss it. In my opinion, social media don’t change the rule of quality being better than quantity (although it IS fantastic that you have so many followers, congratulations :-))

  2. This is such a relevant message. I’ve been traveling since last Wednesday. As a Social Media professional i struggled with yet another Friday without serving my followers with appropriate gratitude. I’ve been thinking, ‘Am i the only one that needs to get other work finished and get some pang of, “When was the last time i checked my Facebook inbox or @replies?” What are the expectations of the community?

  3. Hi Jeff,

    I like Kim’s comment above that irrelevance is worse than silence, when I’m feeling particularly guilty that’s it :-)

    As for managing Twitter, Facebook, RSS etc, that appears to be a challenge that will remain with us!


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