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PR has reputation issues?

August 26th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Public Relations, Social Media

It’s not terribly busy in the PR blogosphere today, two items for your delectation….

1) Morgan McLintic ponders why PR has such as bad reputation (PR Week Insider blog). (Obviously there’s enough fodder there for a couple of books, but Morgan is restricted to a blog post):

The PR sector has been reputedly dead, dying, or making a mess of it for at least the last decade. We’ve all read the ‘PR people don’t get it’ tirades. Many of them are valid. It’s a perennial story, but why?

I meet a lot of PR executives who are passionate and smart. So why does the industry keep coming in for a hammering?


2) As many of you know, Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz host the twice weekly For Immediate Release PR podcast.  I’m not sure where they get the time or the energy, but they produce a great show and provide it to the PR community free gratis.

They are currently polling listeners to gauge potential interest in attending a FIR conference. Given their contribution to the online PR community, the least you can do is vote.

If you haven’t already subscribed to the FIR podcast, then do yourself a favor and do so!


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  • Morgan McLintic

    Thanks Tom. It’s a big issue, and too much to cover in 300 words, but, I wonder why it’s so chronic. And more importantly, what can be done.

  • Tom Murphy

    Well I am sure that the fact that many of our disgruntled “customers” are journalists and bloggers doesn’t help :-)

    I think the other points you cover are also valid, particularly the low barriers to entry….

    It’s a big and complex question – but the issue remains!

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