I spotted this on Ragan earlier today.  You might have seen it already. I hadn’t.

It’s a great example of the changing nature of communications and how, these new tools and channels are in many cases creating new and more frequent crises for companies of every size, in every sector.

The video (below) left me speechless.  The PR question is how would you respond? Have you put in place the knowledge and expertise to engage online, address your customers’ concerns and manage an issue like this?

Are you engaging today to ensure that you already have a connection and a relationship with people, before something like this happens?

Read the Ragan article.

Oh and by the way, these “people” are idiots.

3 thoughts on “Speechless…

  1. I agree with your blog. The way that communication is changing creates more opportunities for crises to occur for companies, just like the Domino’s crisis. If I were Domino’s, how would I have responded? I would have responded FAST! The video was viewed by millions of people. They waited a couple of days before they came out with a response video for consumers. I felt like that was too long. Domino’s as well as many other companies need people that strictly work with social media and what is being said about their company, so they know how to respond quickly.

    To prevent a video or other social media disasters, companies need to make sure to keep good relations inside and outside of the company. Inside the company, company executives should make a social media policy on what employees should or shouldn’t do with regards to posting content about the company To keep good relations on the outside, employees that work for the organization should stay on top of what content is being put out there about their company, so they can respond if they need.

  2. Tom, I was speechless as well. I agree with you totally. As technology advances, companies are going to have to be more aware of the social media mediums that are being used more and more these days. Big companies need to allocate resources for PR people to be trolling the Internet, looking for these kinds of things so they can be taken care of quickly. This is a PR nightmare in my opinion, but I thought the Youtube “response” video by the President of Dominoes Pizza USA was candid and well put together. Times are changing and companies need to realize the perks and downfalls of social media.

  3. Yes there’s no question that the speed, number and variety of crises online is increasing apace.

    The Dominos video was well put together (though I wish he’d looked at the camera and it wasn’t so obviously scripted :-) )

    The other issue is that companies will need to think about how they engage, and build connections online BEFORE these kinds of issues arise, that in itself is a challenge!

    Thanks for your comments

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