Time for a change

headerA colleague recently asked me would I mind giving their friend’s daughter some career advice.  She’s interested in a career in PR and in the current economic climate she was looking for guidance. 

Although I’m quickly becoming an elder lemon, I still remember what it’s like starting out.  I think we should all be ready and willing to hopefully pass on some useful advice.

Of course I always preface my “career advice” with the caveat that when I left college I didn’t know what I really wanted to do, but I did know that there were two things I wanted to avoid. Public Relations and Computers.

Given I’ve spent the last 16 years doing PR in the IT industry, I might not be the best person to advise anyone…

I think I’ve been incredibly lucky.  I’ve worked with fantastic people whether they were colleagues, clients, journalists or analysts.  I’ve worked hard but have fantastic times and have always had the opportunity to continue to learn and develop.

I took up my current role with Microsoft Ireland back in August 2005 and have thoroughly enjoyed looking after the company’s local PR and CSR programmes. I’ve learned a lot, worked with great colleagues and enjoyed every minute.

Of course working in PR you know that there always comes time for a change. And this is that time.

So in March I am moving with my family to Seattle to take up a new job at Microsoft. 

With a new job, in a new country, with a new baby, I guess it’ll be a busy 2009. But as they say a change is as good as a rest, and I’m sure I’ll soon find out!

I’ll keep you posted.

22 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. @Sally: Thanks yes it is, the only problem is I think they even get more rain than Dublin :-)

    @Constantin: Please do! Give me a shout!

    @Stephen: When in Rome…. LOL


  2. We’ll be able to trade funny stories about the Yanks soon mate!

    Keep an eye out for smart Aussie Microsoft blogger Frank Arrigo (@frankarr on Twitter) when you’re over there – he made the Melbourne to Seattle move with his family last year.

    Hope you’ll get a chance to swing through NYC.

  3. Jeeebus, what are you going to do for your rugby fix?

    Best of luck with that, would love to meet you for a pint or a cuppa before you head off. Who knows when we may meet again.

  4. Man, that puts you mighty close to moose tickling country. You should get Microsoft to send you to Gnomedex. It’d be a great intro to the local tech scene, and we could go for lunch.

  5. Best of luck in Seattle – I suppose you have given up on Leinster winning the HCup – so you might aswell emmigrate.

  6. @Paull – all good I’m sure :-)
    @Piaras – thanks!
    @John – Setanta.com comes highly recommended for 6 nations, Heineken Cup and Magner’s League I believe
    @Damien – the last thing I need is more food :-)
    @Philip – C’mon the boys in blue – we’ll win it year
    @Declan – it’s a long way from here to there alright!
    @Richard – well it’s no bad thing to keep it interesting!!!

    Thanks for all the kind wishes folks!

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