23 thoughts on “Anna Murphy

  1. Congratulations, Tom — this is such fantastic news — so glad that both mom and baby are doing well. What an amazing way to start the holidays! We are dealing with a foot of snow here in Seattle. Hope you are enjoying the season with your new bundle of joy!

  2. OK, let’s face it: we needed help to get the Germans out. And that’s just because we always notice things when it’s too late. They were already at Yser river before we even knew they were there… So don’t be surprised that my congratulations are a tat late. But still: here they are! :-)

  3. Folks,

    Thanks to everyone for your kind words and wishes.

    Mother and daughter are both doing well, Father and son are feeling neglected, but I guess that’s our let from this point on :-)

    Many Thanks

  4. Will join in on the late congrats. I got loads of comments about Derinn when she was born 4 months ago that she was the spitting image of me – outside of no hair I always find that confusing. Anyway Anna looks fantastic but cannot see any Tom resemblance yet!

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