Irish PR Leads the Way in Second Life

I give up.  Honestly, I’ve tried my best, but this Second Life stuff just won’t go away :-)  If it’s not pesky podcasters it’s the pesky commenters!

In four years, Ireland has managed to generate three PR-related blogs (and one of those only started in the past month), yet an Irish PR firm is currently building out its presence in Second Life.

Is there no escaping it?

Of course, statistically speaking (lies, damn lies and…) that means that in Ireland for every three PR blogs there’s a PR firm with offices in Second Life.  Finally an online statistic where Ireland looks impressive… well kind of….

I was chatting with Jane McDaid of Thinkhouse PR, a consumer agency here in Dublin, and their new shiny Second Life office is now under construction.  It’s great to see an Irish agency experimenting with new online media. It’s also great to chat with someone incredibly passionate about the potential of new media – but then that’s a common trait I see among all the Second Lifers.

I suppose I’ll eventually have to concede and take a wander one of these days. I hope they’ll go gently on me.


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4 thoughts on “Irish PR Leads the Way in Second Life

  1. I beg to differ, Darren (as I did before in the comments to the post you are referring to). Second Life is not a game, because there is no gaming script. PR firms should understand it, because it’s a rapidly growing new public. And if you want to understand the implications it has for an organization first hand, it makes perfect sense to establish a presence there. We will even better understand that now, since Irish PR is leading the way :-)

  2. Georg is right. SL is not a game. There are no levels, no objectives, no baddies to kill, no points to amass, and you can’t complete it. It’s a platform in which you are free to create your own content, interact with new people learn, trade, or simply be entertained. I’m biased since I work with Linden Lab but I think this is an important distinction.

  3. Obviously I completely agree with GEorg Kolb. PR firms need to understand SL, as you say, its a rapidly growing new public. We see it as a platform for communicaton – not a game..

    Months later, we are still getting to grips with it, and the more we get to understand about SL the more opportunities that become obvious. We’ve been really warmly welcomed by the SL community, who seem a great bunch!

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