Social media test: Tell me what to say…

OK so I’ve come up with a little social media test or maybe that should be request.

I am speaking at the “Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media Event” at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on Friday December 5th 2008.

I’m mulling over what I should cover during the event, so I had an idea.  Why not ask you.

Simple question:


“What should Tom talk about at the event?”


imageYou can leave a comment or drop me an e-mail, humour is always appreciated.

Go on… you know you want to (and keep it clean!).

12 thoughts on “Social media test: Tell me what to say…

  1. Signing up for a Facebook and Twitter account will not, make you taller, cure cancer, allow you to leap tall buildings at a single bound or increase your web footprint, registrations, unique visitor count etc.

  2. You have to stay true to your brand values: tell it straight, mock the more exaggerated claims – including everything with ‘die’ in the title.

    Or here’s another one (not funny, but important): you could explain why Microsoft was never the ‘evil empire’ of people’s imagination nor the best, most open company in the world ever simply by encouraging employees to blog…

  3. Top question I get when anyone asks why I use social media personally and professionally – Why.

    Everyone knows they should be doing it, need to provide real life examples of where it’s worked – small scale – we know twitter rocked SXSW 2 yrs back but most companies aren’t going to get that kind of response – happier customers, acknowledgment of issues, connection made even if not monetary result.

    Find the specific (not over the top) examples and how they can work for anybody. Once they buy into that the rest is easy (similar to treating addicts – they need to ask for it themselves).

  4. China 2.0 ( is happening this week in Beijing. Amazing social media case studies are being written every week in Asia ( In such a Westro-centric event, maybe examples of social media engagement from the colonies – some ‘Social Media Aint Half Hot Mum’ theming (e.g. use episode names to make key points) and away you go.

    I hope if someone sees social media being used in Indonesia, they’ve got to figure it’s not that hard… regardless, you’re screwed with Manson following you, audience will be asleep 10 minutes after you finish. :-)

  5. Talk about the new upcoming social media networks that few know about right now. Facebook and Myspace are the big gorillas but that’s old news.

  6. Tom, I spoke at an Issues and Crisis mgmt summit in Syd last week (I talked up SocMed’s new challenges and opps for Issue/Crisis mgmt) and was challenged in the Q&As with a question from the floor that left me speechless: “Why would anyone in business bother with a blog?” Just make sure you can answer probing curlies like that one:) Gerry

  7. How about…”it’d be great if we could hear more about how the public sector is using social media”…

    …as that’d be a great set-up for my slot about social media in local government at the same conference…

    …which your post has reminded me I must write in the next couple of weeks!

    Seriously though – would be great to hear some “real” examples from Microsoft (internal and external) as well as your normal touches of humour!


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