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I was having lunch with a friend of mine yesterday, who mentioned in passing about the Irish Internet Association’s Net Visionary awards.She asked how come I had been nominated? Huh? Then followed five minutes where she wouldn’t believe that I knew nothing about it.  It appears I have been nominated in the category of: “Social Contribution”.  Someone forgot to tell me, but then given real bloggers like Bernie Goldbach and Tom Raftery are in the running and I think I’m the only nomination without a biography or link the words ‘hell’ and ‘snowball’ come to mind. 

A PR guy making a ‘social contribution’ – what is the world coming to?

8 thoughts on “Making a social contribution…

  1. Hiya,

    Since they never even informed me that I was shortlisted I think it was:
    a) A clerical mistake
    b) The lack of a bio probably underlines my potential in the competition! :-)


  2. Dunno Tom – I’m nominated in that category as well and I have to say I was bemused to hear I had been nominated in the Social Contribution category!

    I’m a blogger, what possible social contribution have I made?

  3. Well Tom, educating the populace could be construed as a social contribution, particularly in a land where the religion hasn’t caught on yet! I could make that a plausible argument for yourself and Bernie.


  4. Sorry, thats actually me, Tom Murphy aka DeVore. I’ve been nominated for the SSF but I’m reluctant to be singled out because one of the things I started the santastrikeforce(.com) for was just to do something unselfish and not focused on me… Its a community thing anyway.

    I submitted a biog but it was too big and I havent rewritten it. Also I’ve won that category before, even though I pointed that out to them, they seem to think I won the education category.

    So, mystery solved :)


  5. Ah-ha,

    Well that’s solve that problem!

    The problem with unimaginative parents :-)

    At least it’s not the other Tom Murphy who gets a lot of coverage from time to time!


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