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Making a social contribution…

October 13th, 2006 · 8 Comments · Off-topic

I was having lunch with a friend of mine yesterday, who mentioned in passing about the Irish Internet Association’s Net Visionary awards.She asked how come I had been nominated? Huh? Then followed five minutes where she wouldn’t believe that I knew nothing about it.  It appears I have been nominated in the category of: “Social Contribution”.  Someone forgot to tell me, but then given real bloggers like Bernie Goldbach and Tom Raftery are in the running and I think I’m the only nomination without a biography or link the words ‘hell’ and ‘snowball’ come to mind. 

A PR guy making a ‘social contribution’ – what is the world coming to?

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  • Constantin Basturea

    Tom, why there’s no bio for you on that list?
    Are they counting on Irish votes? :)

  • Constantin Basturea

    Sorry… I meant to say: “are they counting ONLY Irish votes?”

  • Tom Murphy


    Since they never even informed me that I was shortlisted I think it was:
    a) A clerical mistake
    b) The lack of a bio probably underlines my potential in the competition! :-)


  • Tom Raftery

    Dunno Tom – I’m nominated in that category as well and I have to say I was bemused to hear I had been nominated in the Social Contribution category!

    I’m a blogger, what possible social contribution have I made?

  • Tom Murphy

    Well Tom, educating the populace could be construed as a social contribution, particularly in a land where the religion hasn’t caught on yet! I could make that a plausible argument for yourself and Bernie.


  • Tom Murphy 2.0 :p

    Sorry, thats actually me, Tom Murphy aka DeVore. I’ve been nominated for the SSF but I’m reluctant to be singled out because one of the things I started the santastrikeforce(.com) for was just to do something unselfish and not focused on me… Its a community thing anyway.

    I submitted a biog but it was too big and I havent rewritten it. Also I’ve won that category before, even though I pointed that out to them, they seem to think I won the education category.

    So, mystery solved :)


  • Tom Murphy


    Well that’s solve that problem!

    The problem with unimaginative parents :-)

    At least it’s not the other Tom Murphy who gets a lot of coverage from time to time!


  • Tom Murphy 2.0 :p

    Yeah, we should come in 6-packs or something :)

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