PR and Smeedia Round Up


Kami Huyse has a great post on "online reputation management in a Google world". This is a constant weakness for PR people so have a read and click through the presentation.

Trevor Cook links to part of a document on Edward Bernays, the "father" of Public Relations. Some of it makes uncomfortable viewing :-)


Andrew Smith makes a great point on the importance of analytics for marketing and PR moving forward. Online is a great medium for measurement and god knows that’s a sore area for PR.  As I always say as long as PR agencies view measurement as a "competitive differentiator" you know we’re having problems.

Eric Eggertson points to some interesting PR-related dialogue in the latest installment of the every entertaining TWIT podcast.

Eoin Kennedy points out that Irish Times journalists have started posting audio from interviews.

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  1. You never spell my name wrong, Tom. Either you always copy and paste, or you have bit of the Norseman in you! Thanks for the mention, and for still blogging after all these years.

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