5 years ago this week…

Five years ago this week, discussion on the question of blogger ethics was all the rage across the Interweb, following Rebecca Blood’s widely read post on Weblog Ethics.

This was about a year after the "Blogger’s Manifesto"* was published, though to be honest I’ve always preferred this version.

Oh we were all so innocent then….

Speaking of innocent, here’s an idea I posted this week five years ago that (unsurprisingly) never caught on….


When is a weblog an inlog?

Friday, March 28th, 2003

I am writing a short opinion piece on weblogs and PR.  An ‘inlog’ is a term I am using for weblogs inside your organization.  I’ll post the article in the next while..






*Funny you can only get the manifesto on the waybackmachine – I wonder why that is, at least I left my bloopers online  :-)

2 thoughts on “5 years ago this week…

  1. Haha! Inlog? I like it. “Paul. Have you checked the company inlog lately?”

    Five years from now no doubt we’ll be laughing at such phrases like ‘life streams’ and ‘widgets’ etc.

    Oh yeah, not as old as an inlog but as equally off the mark. Make way for Microcasting:


    I didn’t make the phrase up though, I just drank the Kool Aid. :)

  2. Haha, well I’m glad I’m not alone… but it’s small comfort :-)

    Yes the company inlog never caught on. More’s the shame… loads of company weblogs though…


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