The State of Blog Relations

This mightn’t be news to you, but it was news to me.

APCO Worldwide has been working on a project for the US Council of PR Firms to understand the perspectives of PR firms and bloggers.

The findings make interesting reading.

The finding below in particular amazed me.

25% of bloggers surveyed agreed with the statement: “Our firm (sic) does a good job identifying the specific interests of individual bloggers and sending them relevant information.”

Wow! That’s not my experience….

Have a read of the study.

I found the report via Susan Getgood’s post: "PR People: Do your homework before you reach out to bloggers".

Also a recommended read…


UPDATE: I tell you this Interweb is fantastic.  No sooner had I pushed the publish button, than Paull Young was in touch to point me to Robert French’s take on the survey…


Well, to me this story is a placement for a bit of publicity … and a sad one, at that. Come on, APCO and CPRF … what were you thinking? It is one thing to be transparent … another to be able to see right through you!

Is this really what you folks call survey research? You really want to hang your hat on this? If so, we’re all in deep trouble. The About page tells more, yet raises more questions than it provides answers.

The report is still interesting reading, just don’t build your business plan on it! :-)


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5 thoughts on “The State of Blog Relations

  1. At the end of the day, what interests me the most about the bloggersandpr effort is that a big agency actually made the effort. I don’t really mind if the research isn’t a huge number. We need to ask these questions, one way or another. Most of the big agencies aren’t –they are just applying old models to new problems.

    As a professor, Robert sets a different bar.

    Will people really update their wiki? Hard to say. I know I don’t have time. Full disclaimer: David Wescott, one of the APCO folks, is someone I really like and respect.

  2. Susan,

    I’m always interested in finding insights into the way people are working online. So I found the results interesting. No change there.

    I think Robert makes a good point – and we probably shouldn’t build a business plan on the vast majority of casual surveys that appear online – we work in PR after all :-)

    But I still think it’s worth a read! Thanks for linking to it!


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