You need to manage your client’s online reputation

Following on from my post last week on cleansing your reputation, last Sunday’s UK Times has a follow up written by Rosie Millard on her personal travails with someone hijacking her online reputation.

Rosie goes and talks to some "online reputation management" experts.

Seriously folks, this shouldn’t be a standalone business. 

Online reputation management (clear, above board, no shady practices) should be a standard service offered by Public Relations consultants everywhere. If you’re not convinced… according to the article the daily rate for these services is £900.

I rarely hear PR folks talking about this issue and we should be.

“Sometimes this happens to reasonably high-profile people because there are those out there who will buy the domain, put up a site and then snag any casual traffic associated with your name to get ad revenue,” says Michael Fertik, 29, who runs Reputation Defender in California. “And this one looks like a strong site. More than 30,000 people have already visited it, and the longer it stays up, the stronger it gets, because Google prefers legacy over immediacy. We see cases like yours all the time.”

The article references some interesting resources:

6 thoughts on “You need to manage your client’s online reputation

  1. Cheers for the WIPO site link. I actually stumbled across it once before circuitously and it’s got some really great information that made me look smart in the past!!! God bless search engines.

  2. Hi Tom,

    You’re right about online reputation management being an important services PR companies can offer in the online space.

    My firm, Converseon (, has been providing this type of service for years – we call it Search Engine Reputation Management (SERMA).

    There’s some more info on our site, but if you’d like to learn more just drop me an email – happy to connect you with my boss!

  3. Why not standalone Tom? ORM isn’t just an extension of PR; rather, it integrates all of the ways in which an(y) organisation communicates online. I’ve conceived and creatively directed Viral campaigns more akin to Ad agency work, plus handled the blog and web relations angles too. Prob is, there may be a division between ‘craft creativity’ of Advertising and ‘antennae nous’ of PR – surely an evolved mix of the two skills is more effective; least that’s what we believe at

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the comments.

    @Gerry: There’s nothing to say that you can’t have the services seperately, however my personal preference is that all PR practitioners should have a knowledge of all elements of managing a reputation – online and offline.

    @Ed: I didn’t post your comment as I didn’t think it appropriate particularly as it was anonymous.

    Many Thanks

  5. Tom; I agree; but I never presumed you can be a good PR without having the trad med fundamentals and online stuff too; plus, as tech and media converge, the new breed of PR adviser needs to have an ents/creative mindset as well. Complicated ain’t it!

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