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There are some things we’re just not supposed to understand…

February 23rd, 2008 · 4 Comments · Off-topic

Earlier today I had the pleasure of attending Croke Park for the Ireland-Scotland Six Nations match.

Sitting in the Hogan stand we had a fantastic view and as usual there was vociferous support for both teams.  Everyone was having a great time except that is for the poor woman sitting in the row ahead of us.

Three times during the match she looked up from her newspaper to glare at someone in a row behind her who had obviously shouted too loudly and made it hard for her to concentrate on her paper. She didn’t watch one minute of the match.

Two things:

Why oh why would you waste €70 on a ticket for a match you’re not going to watch? Surely you’d be better off finding a nice warm bar?

Secondly if you’ve no interest in watching the match why bother going when you are denying someone who would love to watch the match live?

Sometimes I really wonder… below is one of the tries she missed.

Forward Thinking: Marcus Horan goes over for Ireland's third try


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  • Paull Young

    She missed a great win too by the looks of it!

    Ireland are looking quite impressive this year.

  • Katherine

    I have to say I understand it. She was probably there under duress and didn’t want to be there at all! Give me a paper any day…

  • Eoin Kennedy

    I took a comfort break at half time and was amazed at the amount of people who were watching the match on the TV screens in the hospitality area. Suppose its the alure of comfortly drinking pints inside rather than the atmosphere that 70K+ people generate.

  • Tom Murphy

    @Paull: I wouldn’t call them impressive just yet, let’s see where they stand at the end of March!

    @Katherine: LOL yes you are probably right, but why not put your foot down :-)

    @Eoin: You could get that “atmosphere” in any pub in Dublin :-)

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