‘Tis the time for lists

I realize I’m probably coming to this late but PR Week has published its Book of Lists for 2007.

You can read it online here or download a PDF version here.


5 corporate blogs that built buzz

1 http://direct2dell.com/one2one/default.aspx
Dell continues its return from online comms purgatory in the second year of its Direct2Dell blog. The posts are a mix of promotional and troubleshooting advice, perfect for the customers who love the products, but hated their customer service for so long.

2 http://www.jnjbtw.com/
J&J’s blog reached a high point when Ray Jordan, VP of public affairs and corporate communications, honestly explained why the company was engaging in a reputation-threatening lawsuit against the American Red Cross.

3 http://stonyfield.typepad.com/babybabble/
The StonyField Farm Baby Babble blog is a perfect example of company as content producer. This blog is solely dedicated to providing information about rearing children. As such, visitors will instinctively think of the company as an expert on child health.

4 http://1000words.kodak.com/
Yes, yes – a picture is worth a thousand words. And a blog that ties closely to Kodak’s goals is worth a million. Giving staffers a photo blog – even if they’re not the greatest snapshots in the world – is a simple way to boost employee passion and humanize the company.

5 http://www.zillowblog.com/
Zillow’s blog manages to accomplish great synchronicity between promoting the Zillow product and providing valuable information. The service that Zillow, a provider of online real-estate services, can provide through its blog is very important, considering the uncertainty and lack of sensible information in today’s real-estate market.

5 thoughts on “‘Tis the time for lists

  1. That’s a rather uninspiring list…

    Dell have done a superb job. JnJ BTW leaves me very underwhelmed.

    Meanwhile, the #3 entry has had 2 comments since mid-Novemberand only 23 incoming links recorded in Technorati.

    What is blog buzz as defined by PR week? A quick look here shows that it’s not comments or links…

  2. I like the woman that runs the Kodak blog, and got to meet her at Blog World Expo … but it is not that inspiring to me.

    I might also be jaded as I used to work on Kodak, and have seen what it’s become.

  3. Okay, I guess it is hard to be inspiring each and every day but give a read to these posts and see if they move you (to smile, to think, etc.) in the least…
    From Tina Clark: Remembering Dad.
    A dog’s eye view from Jenny Cisney (the one you met at BlogWorld and we like her too!).
    From Vera Sytch: The Day I Learned to See.
    My contributions are here.
    We enjoy being a pioneer in the corporate blog space and are happy for acknowledgment like making the PRWeek list. The direct feedback we have gotten from hundreds of individuals is even more motivating to us!
    I wonder what 2008 will bring….-tom

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