Sorry that’s not my job….

Sometimes we all get caught up in the excitement and the new smell that emanates from Web 2.0, when we clearly still haven’t mastered Web 1.0 and technology from before 1994.

Given that journalists all around the globe consistently give out about misdirected, irrelevant pitches – we can assume that many PR people and firms don’t have the most rudimentary knowledge of databases, or more concerning don’t have the common sense to read a publication before pitching it.

Stories like this make me despair. [Via The World’s Leading..]

The growth of Web 2.0 and social networking should provide loads of opportunities for more bungles and disasters.

3 thoughts on “Sorry that’s not my job….

  1. Ouch. you’d expect Text100 to know better. But you have to admit that guy clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

    Maybe he’s been trying to install Vista.

    *sorry, couldn’t resist*

  2. Ahem, of course Colin it could be argued that he should install Windows Vista to remove the stress of digital life with (ahem) better security, connectivity, ease-of-use… etc. etc.


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