Social Networking ID Stress Disorder

Apologies for the radio blog silence.  Travel, work and parenting has been keeping me pre-occupied recently.

I think I am beginning to suffer from SONIDS, a very new condition I’ve just named.  I am wondering is it just me who has multiple orphaned social networking and application accounts?

At risk of ruining my already flagging web 2.0 credibility, I don’t visit most of these sites and I haven’t invested any time into building my “community”.

[There are exceptions such as my favourite PR social networking site which now has 47 members – ahem]

Some are better than others, I’ve quite a few links at LinkedIn, but at others like Facebook, MySpace etc. I am at the “socially inept/lack of personal hygiene” level of membership. This is fine I’m OK with it.  Until that is I get an e-mail telling me someone has connected with me.

That’s when SONIDS sets in.

Should I try and do a better job at Social Networking?

Should I be building a “community”?

Do I have to use a username or my e-mail?

What’s the password?

Eh… nope that’s not it.


Maybe the password is in the confirmation e-mail.


Nope… I had to change it… damn.


The stress of it all…. no matter what they say everything carries a price :-)

4 thoughts on “Social Networking ID Stress Disorder

  1. LOL, glad I’m not the only one suffering. Am I the only person that is tempted to delete a number of accounts rather than let my profiles drift in cyberspace like discarded trash?

  2. Tom I love it. Sounds like a sinus infection. Since I’ve stopped blogging “cold turkey” on Feb. 13th…live has been marvy.

    active in social media…active in my business…just NOT blogging. Who missed me? Lots of people initially…but they went about their business and forgot about me. Did my ego suffer? Not really…maybe the pressure of talking about “something” had reached it’s end for me.

    I still have a lot to say. I just “verbalize it.” I still read and monitor blogs…I just don’t do it so obsessively.

    As for Piaras comment….let it drift…it’s truly amazing what has happened to my SEO since I stopped blogging!

  3. I feel your pain. Some bright spark is sure to come up with a portal with one login which opens all your accounts, where you only have to update once what your status is, your photos are shared across myspace, bebo, facebook, flikr, your career history is shared across Viadeo and Linked In. Bring on that day I say. With the amount pin numbers, passwords, email addresses and login in IDs I have to remember I’m slightly surprised my brain hasn’t melted down.

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