You can be creative about anything…

There are a number of things I love about this video. 

It is very smart, well shot, and it’s surprising, entertaining, and memorable.

The other thing is that it’s a really compelling and creative way to demonstrate a pretty mundane (to me) product feature. 

You may argue on the ROI of this video, but then neither of us have any idea of the objectives or the measures of success.

So instead, let’s just enjoy it. 

I first saw this on Thursday and it had 40,000 views, in less than a day that jumped to 8.7 million (and growing).

It’s so good, I even forgive them using Enya for the soundtrack.

My takeaway?

The steering on those Volvo trucks is – thankfully -  magnificent.

Thank goodness for that.

4 thoughts on “You can be creative about anything…

  1. Dear Tom
    Would you be willing to help me with a student paper by answering some questions on the role of PR in CSR?

  2. Hi Chris, apparently not, however there were some safety wires in place just in case, but they weren’t required and Volvo say it was shot in one take! Amazing.

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