The importance of media training…

I came across this old video on the South African PR blog Practical Relations, it’s an interview with an Australian politician in the wake of shipping disaster. I suspect it’s not real but probably from a comedy show, but either way it’s pretty amusing and a great piece of video for your next media training course!

Can anyone in Australia validate if this is real or comedy?


As suspected it’s a comedy sketch… more details and background in the comments! You can ignore Mr. Young

Strumpette: Light PR touch paper and stand back…

Back in 2006, Strumpette appeared on the PR blogging scene, an anonymous site that promised to dish the dirt on the industry.  Of course its anonymity gave it free reign and it didn’t hold back.

imageAs I recall, the response from PR bloggers at the time was mixed, with some welcoming a more caustic look at the business and with others feeling it crossed the line more often than not.

Bill Sledzik has just published the first of 17 interview shorts with Brian Connolly (pictured right), the creator of Strumpette, which is sure to reignite some heated discussion on the matter.

Personally I’m somewhat conflicted. 

I think the PR community can often be a little too precious.  We don’t necessarily react well to criticism.  We’re often a little too defensive -  too often. 

It’s no harm to have things shaken up from time to time.

On the other hand, I think Strumpette was over the top.

It took some pretty cowardly shots at people from behind its online moniker. Rather than being pithy and clever, it was too often just grinding out its own agenda, which was simply character assassination.

Some of the comments on Bill’s post have described Strumpette as “real”, “legitimate” and pointed out that it had “courage”.  I don’t believe it was or had any of these things.

I mean, Connolly used to deny it was him, see this clip from the Washington Post blog:


But eh…it was him. Not a lot of courage there.

Anyhow, Strumpette did mix things up for a little while, which was probably no bad thing.  I imagine a lot of people are pretty bitter about the whole project, but it’ll be interesting to hear Connolly’s side of the story.

It’s all about balance, something Strumpette probably missed. For smart, funny and caustic commentary, the UK’s “The World’s Leading” (RIP) was more my cup of tea.

Common Sense + Twitter

If you’re still just dipping your toe into Twitter, you should take a trip over to Barbara Gibson’s blog.  She has a post on her experiences as a newbie to Twitter and last week wrote a nice common sense post on getting deeper into Twitter.

Don’t be intimidated by Twitter. If I can go from Newbie to whatever I am now in just seven weeks, anyone can. I’m not techy or especially cutting-edge.  The only thing hard about it really is the clunky interface, and lack of instruction for Newbies.  But once you get going, it gets very easy.  If you need help, just tweet me.


Worth a read.